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Bridget’s Gift

Currently a form three student set to finish her secondary school journey next year, Bridget remembers very well how hard life was adjusting to secondary school, before she found a sponsor. She was barely in school for a month before she was sent home due to outstanding school fees. She was, of course, very upset about this. Already a quiet girl, Bridget became totally withdrawn after being sent home. “There was just nothing to enjoy about secondary school when I first started,” she reminisces.

Luckily, Bridget was sponsored in the middle of her first year of secondary school. Since then, her academic potential has made itself known; she has held her grades steady at a solid B average for three years. Bridget has also transformed emotionally; whereas she used to be quite withdrawn and shy, Bridget is now a happy girl who is quick to encourage her fellow students when they are going through a rough time. Her teachers all enjoy having her in their classes, and she even leads a Kiswahili study group outside of class. Bridget says that she now loves being in school.

Bridget says she always looks forward to the tutoring sessions organized by Moja Tu. She says she has learned a lot from her fellow students about how to study, and she enjoys catching up with her friends in the program that go to different schools. Bridget is usually ahead of her peers in terms of understanding course work, so she often takes on a leadership role in our tutoring classes, helping other students with material they might not understand. Bridget has also maintained her role as class prefect at her school for the past 2 years.

Bridget comes from a family of peasant farmers. Unfortunately, they live in one of the drier parts of the country, so their farm has not has not been overly productive. Bridget wants to better her situation, and she is open to learning more about different career paths. Originally, Bridget thought she wanted to be a doctor; however, she realized that biology, one of her weaker subjects, is integral to this job, and she quickly lost interest in pursuing a career as a doctor. We are working with Bridget to help her decide on a good future path to pursue, especially since she is very passionate about one thing in particular: music.

Bridget’s love for music is obvious; she was humming folk songs during our entire counselling session. In school, Bridget is in music classes and sometimes leads her class in singing the national anthem at assemblies. She also enjoys competing in music competitions at school, which have allowed her to take three trips away from her school grounds to compete at other schools. Her music club has three trophies to stand as testament to her talent as a soloist. She tells us she finds it easy to understand music, and loves to learn about and practice on any musical instrument she can get her hands on. She likes to experiment with different rhythms, especially the highly-syncopated beats of traditional African music. Her favorite kinds of music are South Africa and Caribbean music. Bridget has also learned quite a bit about her own country’s music, saying that, though much traditional Kenyan music has been lost over the course of history, new sounds and rhythms are constantly evolving in Kenya. She is considering pursuing some kind of career in music, and we are so happy to see Bridget’s passion turn into something that she can use to support herself.

Bridget sends her love to her sponsor, saying she hopes to one day meet the kind person who has helped her grow from hopelessness in to joy. We are so proud to see Bridget’s zest for life and growth over the years, and we will continue to guide her every step of the way as she continues to grow.