Hard Times Strengthen Us

“Hard times strengthen us.”

This saying has gotten Beatrice, the director of Sons of Manaseh, one of our partner children’s homes, through the worst of times. It began in 2014, when her husband, the founder of the children’s home, passed away. He was a dedicated man who was called to help the less-fortunate children he met at his church. He and Beatrice, who was working as an office administrator at the time in Ngong Town, had always hosted and raised the orphans they met at church alongside their own children, but had not taken the necessary steps to legally become a children’s home yet.

In 2014, Joseph and Beatrice were donated some land, where they could build a facility for their rapidly-growing family. This not only gave their current group of children a bigger, more permanent place to call home, but also opened up more opportunities to take in more children, and to accept donations from well-wishers. However, before they could begin to build upon the land, Beatrice’s husband passed away. Beatrice was forced to give up most of her children, both kin and adopted, to nearby homes, leaving her only with the youngest kids. However, Beatrice wasn’t giving up. She knew that she couldn’t let her husband’s work die with him. Instead of grieving him, she planned the logistics of building and managing the home, and eventually getting the children back. Her determination to bring her family back together and continue what her husband started bore fruit: she soon had all of her children back under a new roof, and thus, Sons of Manaseh Children’s Home was born.

Beatrice is an excellent manager of the children’s home. Her experience in secretarial work makes it easy for her to track all documents for the children. She is not afraid to ask for help, and it good at reaching out to her community in order to do so. It’s in this way that she eventually became a partner with Moja Tu. Her eldest daughter was sponsored through our program, and she reached out to us to tell us about her children’s home. Through our partnership, 17 primary, 28 secondary, and 5 university students have all been sponsored with Moja Tu.

Beatrice also helps us in cases where children are in need of a rescue. In the field, we often come across kids who need to be removed from their current environment and placed in a children’s home immediately. This is due to a number of reasons, such as an impending early marriage, a risk of a student going through FGM, an abusive household, and more. Beatrice often takes in these students and follows through in handling the legal process required to gain full custody of the student. Then, the student can begin their new life at Sons of Manaseh, complete with a sponsorship with Moja Tu. Beatrice’s involvement has helped us reach out to and rescue many students in need around Kenya.

Beatrice has a kind heart. Her doors are always open to all visitors. Her motherly nature creates a space where all children know they are loved and safe. The children who enter the home are transformed into confident, happy kids in a matter of months. Everyone refers to her as “Mum Beatrice,” and she loves them all like a mother should.

We wish Beatrice all the best as she continues the good work she is doing.


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