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Looking Back…And Ahead

Jambo, friends! Can you believe we’re wrapping up the year already? 2017 was a year full of new beginnings, new opportunities, and new faces for Moja Tu. This year, we…

  • Expanded our team to support our growing population of sponsored students
  • Our sponsored students grew by 30 students from 116 to 146
  • We had over 200 students apply for our sponsorship program
  • We increased our capacity for the video calls by adding a third computer and invested in additional technology to support this growth
  • We invested in additional books and materials for our students to help them in their educational journey
  • Our team added one-on-one counseling sessions with students so we can balance both academic performance as well as emotional growth
  • We had our first graduating class of students who have been with us since the we launched 4 years ago and they’ll be joining the University this coming year

As we bring 2017 to a close, we thought we’d give you an idea of what 2018 will look like with Moja Tu.

  • We are looking to add a few additional private schools to our partner network. These schools give the quality education our students deserve. We hope to begin our partnership with these schools next year, and transfer some students who would benefit from private school education to these schools.
  • We’ll have our first graduating university student entering the workforce. We’re excited to see our first student transition into this next chapter of their life and to see how they continue to give back to Moja Tu.
  • We’re excited for the caliber of students that we’re identifying and attracting. We’re looking forward to seeing our class of 2019 start coming together as we assess new candidates and find them sponsors this coming year.

Thanks to you we have almost 150 students sponsored and now in school. We couldn’t imagine a better way to ring in the new year. We are grateful for your support and excited for what’s coming up in 2018.