Ndulu’s Smile

Ndulu was over the moon when she was accepted to Graceland Girls Secondary School at the beginning of 2018. She had performed well on her KCPEs, the secondary entry examinations, and viewed her enrollment into high school as a reward all on its own. Ndulu proved that she belonged in secondary school when she earned an impressive A- average at the end of her first term.

Ndulu’s excitement to be in high school stemmed from the picture her childhood friends had painted of life in boarding school. But, as Ndulu explains, her experience has already surpassed any expectations she had. Ndulu undertakes all 11 of her subjects with gusto, resulting in high grades. She tells us that her favorite subjects are Business Studies and Christian Religious Education. Apart from her classes, another one of Ndulu’s favorite things about her new school is breakfast, where she gets to interact with students from all over Kenya over a meal of sausage, bread, and tea. She says her relationships with students from many different backgrounds has given her many new perspectives on life. Her positive attitude and infectious joy are apparent to her teachers, and have earned her many friends she enjoys hanging out with.

For Ndulu, the positive transformation high school has given her was hard fought. When we first met Ndulu, she and her younger brother were living in squalor. Unfortunately, their mother was not able to properly care for them, having lost her husband and battling a crippling mental illness herself. Ndulu and her brother were brought to Dream Children’s Home, where they have lived and schooled for several years. Sadly, just last year, Ndulu’s mother passed away. The loss was very difficult for Ndulu and her younger brother, and they took care of each other in the months after. However, both Ndulu and her brother have risen above the challenges thrown their way to become two standout students in our program. We are very proud of their resilience and hard work.

Ndulu has truly blossomed, right before our eyes, into a disciplined, joyful young woman, who is a great model of our core values. She continually inspires other students to work hard for success. We look forward to Ndulu’s future, which will no doubt be as bright as her smile.